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About Us

Mission Statement

ConcertIA is an Iowa-based non-profit musical consortium whose goal is to bring diverse cultural and educational offerings to the people of the state, thereby enhancing quality of life. These offerings may include, but not be limited to chamber music, orchestral music, opera, solo vocal and instrumental music and dance/theatrical productions. ConcertIA’s mission will be to connect Iowa artists, ensembles and performing groups and to design performances and other arts events that can be presented around the state, especially to areas and population subsets who might not have access to living art. Iowa is a state with many old theaters and opera houses from yesteryear. These and modern performing venues will be used to serve communities with ConcertIA’s “moveable feasts”. ConcertIA will produce quality music with top musicians and artists featuring a multitude of home-grown talent that can be engaged for productions. Experienced musicians, actors, and/or dancers will be showcased both for performances and to mentor young Iowa musicians through workshops and clinics.

What makes ConcertIA unique in its methods and offerings?
•Its purpose: art by Iowans, for Iowans. ConcertIA will work with local artists and institutions to help develop programs and involve local people. Long term collaboration is also possible and desirable for the purpose of continuing the benefits of arts offerings for communities, which may also become attractions for tourism in the future.
•Variety of performances: everything from opera to children’s theatre, poetry readings to solo recitals, orchestra concerts and more.
•Educational opportunities: performers will very often teach as well as perform; everything from vocal and instrumental lessons and coaching, to musical and theatrical improvisation workshops, to chamber music coaching, stage combat, puppetry, to young musicians participating in an orchestra rehearsal alongside professional players.

The Arts have countless benefits for people of all ages and stations in life. Research shows that communities with a vibrant arts scene have greater civic engagement, lower poverty, more social cohesion. Young people are less likely to leave the state with more arts offerings. Students who participate in the arts do on average much better in other subjects in school, are much more likely to do volunteer work, learn to work hard for a distance goal and to work with others. A strong arts scene is the hallmark of a healthy and well-functioning society. Arts events are also good for local economies and encourage tourism. ConcertIA’™s mission is to make use of the cultural forces that Iowa already possesses to bring a wide variety of arts and educational offerings to all corners of the state. In the end, ConcertIA hopes to provide a model for other such organizations in other states to continue the good that it can provide to all.